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Kim Bach Artist - In the Press

From collage to oil stick, Kim Bach’s artwork has captured the imagination of the public and press alike. Her enthusiasm for dynamic work, created herself, or by world-famous gorillas, shows a true love of art.


June, 2024

Bach to be deYoung's 'artist in residence'

Argus, January 2000

Abstract Art

Paintings by gorillas? Animals’ work may inspire humans to same primates from extinction.

CUE, ANG Newspapers, March, 1999

Artists' Colony Reblooms in S.F.

'Goodman 2' opens 13 years after old building closed

San Francisco Chronicle, June, 1996

Koko, Signing gorillas from Peninsula try their hand at painting
When animals do art.

San Jose Mercury News, March YEAR?

Kim Bach at Henri Gallery

Her first one-woman show.

The Washington Post March, 1989

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